The Blight Affliction was my VCU Graphic Design thesis project, which was displayed in a Richmond gallery for the city’s First Friday art walk. The typography and illustrations serve as a visual representation of this 70 page sci-fi short story. 

 A peek inside the story….


Peer into the future where the rain never ceases and outside communication is completely cut off by a massive wall that surrounds the now great United Sections of Agaricus. The damp environment of the land serves as a catalyst for the rampant growth of fungus. So much so that fungi, better known as spores, have begun to adhere to unwitting hosts:

the citizens of Agaricus. As the spores spread into a full-blown endemic

of blight, the citizens’ physical captivity is mirrored by the imprisonment

of their minds — just as the General Bisporus had wished.


Take a journey of self-discovery and redemption with Lilly Freesia and her longtime love, Aster Chanterelleas they sacrifice everything in pursuit of answers in a world they no longer understand… 

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